Sunday, 21 June 2020

Locked Down

You're helpless, totally useless, frustrated, denied, dependent, anxious, needy and all your dreams are just coming true with all the restrictions you are currently under so why not let me inflict some more upon you. 

Of course you won't be sitting home every day masturbating, you still have to work, serving a Goddess like me is ESSENTIAL.  So work hard, so you can play harder.  After your hard day at work, I will then take what you just earned.  You have no other purpose right now other than to please me.

And what a fantastic time to just be who you truly are, a weak willed sissy slut who desires to serve me, obey me and pay me.  I guide and allow you to come out of that closet with your toy box and underwear you've hidden away and make you dress up for me like the pretty sissy you are!  So many things can happen behind closed doors...There is always so much fun to be had.  Let's play.

Pink and frilly and lots of silly!

Super cute ass, perfect for fucking.

The inner slut appears
So desperate...

Just a tease
You want it Daddy?
Plugged and ready for play.

My personal favourite 💖

Friday, 14 February 2020

Valentine's Day

Just a short little true story...

Despite the fact that you can smell the sex in the air and hear the moaning coming from your bedroom, you know not to enter as you weren't invited.  Instead, you wait patiently outside for me to call you in for the "clean up".  At least that is something you can do aside from contributing $169 towards the date I went on earlier with someone other than you. 💘

The end.

Saturday, 1 February 2020


I am so excited for February!!!!!  Not only is it Valentine's Day 💕but also my Birthday 🎁on the 20th PLUS this year there is an EXTRA day 🤑 being a leap year!!  So lots of opportunities to $poil me!

Here's some ideas:

              »»------- ❤ sᴜʀᴘʀɪsᴇ ᴍᴇ ❤ -------««
             »»-------  🎁 ɢɪꜰᴛ ᴍᴇ 🎁  -------««
              ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ: 20ᴛʜ Fᴇʙʀᴜᴀʀʏ 
              ♓ – 𝓟𝓲𝓼𝓬𝓮𝓼
              »»------- 🍭 sᴘᴏɪʟ ᴍᴇ 🍭 -------««
              »»------- 💰 ᴀᴅᴏᴘᴛ ᴀ ʙɪʟʟ 💰 -------««

Updated 20.2.2020

Thanks to:

Trevor L$15,000
Rachellre L$24,000
Walter L$10,500
Wesley L$31,000
Tim L$31,000
Lord L$5,500
Castings L$2,500
Professor L$8,500

Elizabeth $170

for the lovely surprises for
Valentine's Day and my Birthday

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Just a thought...

"Your object hopes You’re having a good day, Goddess.
It can’t stop thinking about You"

"Thank You for allowing this object to tribute, Goddess.
It doesn’t have a lot right now, but it knows it needs to please You, and it does get paid soon."

This should be your only thought.
How to please your Goddess.
No words or actions necessary.
Just paying and obeying.
Turning into a mindless ATM.

Saturday, 11 January 2020

Insight into 2020

After having a little chat with a long kneeling submissive who can't do much without me after the years of using and abusing it, I decided to share the conversation so that others can gain insight on how one might be able to please me.  I have underlined the main points for easier reference.  Also bold is the sub in question and italic/bold is my response.

Out of the blue he wanted to tribute, so messaged me on skype, sending it my way, knowing that "it may not be able to do much, but at least can tribute", that it was "fulfilling my purpose if i wasn’t pleasing You" which I agreed wholeheartedly "Glad to see you are still trying your best to do so".  It's response was immediate "I must always try to please You. I will never be good enough, but I will keep trying".

"It's good to know considering this is our only form of communication, but it seems appropriate as you are just a bit in the system, sending cash as you think of your Goddess, the one who has infiltrated your life and given you a purpose. Something to work towards, strive to do well in life just so you can please me, ensuring that you work hard, keep healthy and focus on being that bit in the system as you know i could easily just wipe you out of it "

"i wish we could communicate in other ways as well, but You do also always speak to me in my mind. That’s a scary, and motivating thought, Goddess i feel like a robot or something that can just be shut down, erased, and sold off"

"Correct! I could easily delete you, erase you, don't know if you would fetch anything if i sold you however.... but knowing this should make you even more determined to always make me your priority, to tribute when you can to show your gratitude and servitude to me"

"The thought of that literally has me shaking so much i can barely hold my phone to type"

"oh get a grip! you weak wimp! you should have this overwhelming sensation rushing through your body right now, it's like an ecstasy that you can't get from anyone else but me, another reason you live to serve me. Look at you, your whole body is tingling from excitement and terror because of your powerful Goddess, where would you be without me??! a shrivelled up mess i would imagine..."

"Nowhere, nothing, lost without meaning or purpose, Goddess. Serving You is a high unlike anything else, and it’s the most i can ever hope or dream for"

"....curled up in a ball, rocking in your own shit over there in the corner, because you'd be a jibbering mess, crying and wailing wishing you had someone. Yes, so that is why you are experiencing this right now :) It's a euphoria i send to you"

"Thank You so much Goddess 😊 You are my saviour and my purpose. i must always become weaker, smaller, and more helpless - especially in my mind - so that i may serve You better"

"That should be your only thought :) That you are small, weak and helpless and that you just live to serve me..."

"A small, weak, helpless puppet robot object to be controlled by You and to serve You"

"...but don't worry, it's already been etched in your tiny peanut brain and that is why you reach out to me like this in your desperate hour of need"

"Yes it has, Goddess. i find myself overwhelmed with desperation to please You"

"There is only one way to please me, and you know it"

"Yes, Goddess i sent more tribute, Goddess"

"I saw :)"

"Thank You so much for allowing me the privilege of tributing and serving You, Goddess"

"I wouldn't want you any other way, i have diminished you to pulp and therefore the only thoughts that should be racing through your system is the need to serve and please me and there isn't anything you can do because you just want to exist for me that's why you're body was reacting the way it was. It's just the thought of striving so hard to please that you can't help but do so feeling that surge of ecstasy that you are trying your best to please me, this is your only climax you'll ever get again, so get used to feeling that way :)"

"Thank You, thank You, thank You, Goddess! i can feel myself crumbling and falling apart. What once was is no more. i’m a junkie, desperate for Your control, desperate to serve You, shaking in ecstasy and pathetic desperation i feel so vulnerable to You, like i can feel Your fingers probing through my mind and my life to make it all Yours"

"LOL I tend to forget you have hardly ANY experience with women, you're so used to it, again how fortunate you are to be in my presence, everyone pities you and your pathetic attempts and i will be here as a constant reminder to you.  You drift in and out of your thoughts and can't help but be reminded of me"

"Everything reminds me of You, even just looking at my driver’s license. You are everywhere"

"LOL" < This was funny because i do have ALL information on it, including the driver's licence.

"I could never get a woman to love me or be with me, and it’s a constant reminder to me that i’ll only ever exist to serve You"

"Yes, your only chance, don't blow it LOL the only thing you should be blowing...your bankroll, cock (others, not yours) and your mind "

"I desperately cling to things like Your blog just to imagine more of You"

"Oh if only i had more victims...:) "

"You’re so so right, Goddess"

"....but who knows what 2020 will bring :) Clearer vision (pardon the pun but seriously) something for you to focus on"

"Being Your victim sounds extremely good.  Anything You’d like, Goddess. my life belongs to You"

"...but yes there needs to be more foolish victims that surface, no doubt...only a matter of time :)"

"i don’t think i’ve ever thought of myself as a victim until now, and it is really exciting me, Goddess"

"Maybe an audio rather than photos...or a video of you saying or doing something for me -- omg why?"

"I love the idea of You having caught me i don’t know, I guess because i’m not very smart"

"You think i haven't been moulding you this whole time, grooming and turning you into this for some time now? You fell straight into the trap and I have been toying with you and extracting what i want from you.  You are prey in my sticky spider web.  You fool!  just goes to show you it didn't take much to sap your brain"

"Holy crap This revelation is blowing my mind"

"Do you just realise now? LOL"

"I feel so trapped.  But happy about it?"


"You have worked such a number on me"

"With ease. But sure, send me an audio or video or you saying or doing something for me.

"What would You like me to say?"

"I have requested a photo of you to be licking up cum off the floor but then you would have cum and that would make me feel uneasy....

"I also physically can’t cum anymore, unfortunately Goddess"

"Just tell me how you feel yes that is what i thought a little statement of how i make you feel, or how you feel in general, i am sure you will stutter something meaningful or do i have to spell it out for you? Cuz you can't think straight anymore? You could simply say "I AM NOTHING WITHOUT GODDESS MISTY IN MY LIFE"

"i do have a hard time with that, but i can give it a go"

"Please don't do a long pathetic desperate one and try not to stutter too much"

"I need to figure out how to record a clip. i think this microphone button might do it"

"try audacity for audio recordings or your cam to make a quick video, either way i will get a laugh :)"

** Press Play ▶

"wow, that was actually the first time i have heard you.  You did sound nervous LOL I have seen photos, your voice doesn't match you at all, however it seems that whatever you've been taking is working! You sound like a whimpering slut"

"Thank You, Goddess 😊 i always fear i sound too masculine"

"Trust me, you don't"

"i can’t bear the thought of hearing my own voice or speaking to someone on the phoneThank You, Goddess Your voice is always mesmerising to me. Hearing You really does make me feel caught in Your web and embraced by the trap i’m in, like i’ll never need to think again"

"oh final word after rereading some of this conversation and hearing your audio - NEVER EVER REFER TO YOURSELF AS " I " EVER AGAIN, you are just an it!

"Yes, Goddess it understands and will obey.  it re-recorded the clip without referring to itself as “i”"

** Press Play ▶

"Much better"

"Having recordings of its voice makes this object feel even more vulnerable Even more trapped in Your web"

"Yes even more to expose you with :)"


"i told you i was going to share parts of this conversation"

"Yes, Goddess this object’s existence is Yours to share as You please"


"Nothing belongs to it and it can’t have privacy because it is an object"

And there you have it.  Reread it over and over until it sinks in.  Then you too will have a clear vision of what you need to be doing this year.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Forced Femnization

Breaking the man in you can be easily accomplished by just submitting and admitting to the fact that you are useless as a man overall and may as well become a sissy.  I know it must be hard to stoop down to that level, but just accept that you are totally useless to me as a man and I much prefer you to be dolled up and doing feminine things.  So get those panties and bra, corset, stockings, heels whatever fits and looks pretty and get dressed up! 

Now doesn't that feel better?  You're actually much better this way!  Get a padlock and let me turn the key so that it's locked in place so you don't get the opportunity to get out of this until I say.  Don't  make me chain you down! 

Look at the mess you've made!  Time to order room service and clean this place up!  Wear this maid's outfit and get busy!