Sunday, 11 August 2019


Been busy of late, 
having too much fun 
to post things however 
if you've been wondering 
what I have been up to, 
here's a little peek ...👀...


Maid Service


Time is ticking

Sealed in rubber

Ho hum...paying to cum

On display

Sunday, 23 June 2019

"Get Fucked"

"Get fucked" is a common phrase people use when basically instructing someone to leave or go away.

This term is effective and blunt and people usually do leave immediately.

But when said in a different tone it can have other meanings to it.  For example:

"Get fucked" ~ when said viciously and offensively it displays there is contempt towards the person spoken to.

This term is usually heard by those who have done something wrong.

"Get fucked" ~ when said half heartedly and with a chuckle it displays there is an incredulous situation on hand.

This term is likely heard by those who are looked upon as funny.  You're a joke!

"Get fucked" ~ when said strictly and directly means that the person saying it is serious about what's about to happen.

This term is mostly heard by those who are drinking or getting high.

"Get fucked" ~ when said sensually and erotically it displays that the person really wants to fuck.

This term is generally heard in the heat of the moment between lovers.

"Get fucked" ~ when said by a Findomme, it means she is going to fuck you over whether you like it or not and it will be the highlight of your day.

This term is always heard by finsubs who are ready to obey and pay.

So next time you hear the words "Get fucked" I wonder how you will interpret it?
Your best bet is to beg me that you especially want to hear those words from my lips so that I know you truly want to get fucked over by me.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

National Masturbation Day

Most of you are chronic masturbators who can't get enough of playing with yourself so it makes me wonder why there is just a month of this when every day for you is masturbation day and no doubt several times a day at that rate.

While I would prefer it if you didn't cum at all and be constantly denied, you know that if you do and can't help yourself that you will have to pay a cumming tax.  Make sure you do BEFORE you get that release so that you can please me first and foremost before your own gratification.

Unload here:

Friday, 19 April 2019

Fucked Up.

Don't say to me you are strong.
Don't say to me you can resist.
Don't say that you will succeed.
Don't say that you aren't a loser.

You're weak, helpless and trapped.
You're unable to escape.
You're just fucked up.
You're a loser.

And that's why you need me.

Need me to guide you.
Need me to fuck you over.
Need me to destroy you.
Need me so you can keep doing this.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

OMG...So pathetic!

Yes, you are used to hearing those words aren't you?  Constantly reminded by me that you are never good enough to please me.  Always mocked and taunted as I diminish you as a man and belittle you, laughing at your failed attempts at trying your "best".

Leaving you in constant denial and depriving your pleasure...punishing you even when you have an accident as you dream...and all the while this just makes you super horny and more persistent at trying to achieve that inevitable promise that soon you might be able to find that much needed release...

Only to be knocked back again when you reach that anti climax...all you can do is live in hope and wait for the day that I utter those words giving you consent...but in the meantime all you will ever hear is "NO".

And here is a prime example of someone who feels ever so pathetic and helpless serving me.  Just because they are always in a state of arousal and feeling slutty while I give them the attention they desperately need, they slipped into something sexy for me and felt better for it being emasculated, wearing those little black panties, stockings, suspenders and heels....

And as they were going out for the evening, I said what's the point of taking them off?  They were instructed to just wear them underneath their "man" pants even though they were nervous they might get caught.  I said this is the only way and was only allowed to go if they did something for me....

Go into the rest room while at that crowded bar, pull down their man pants and remind themselves of just how pathetic they truly are so they can hear me laughing at them...again.
Mission Accomplished.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Set Tasks

Sometimes it is fun to set some tasks to submissives just to remind them of their position in life.  That they are here to serve and obey and carry out whatever I desire of them.  Also to test them to see if they complete tasks on hand that I create for them to show me they are dedicated and willing to please me no matter how menial it is.

Over the last week I had made an object do some tasks for me just because.   First task was to take some time out of their busy day at work and instead write lines for me.  I purposely made them hand write repetitive lines as typing could be easily done with copy and paste function.  I just asked them to write "I am in servitude to Goddess Misty" for just half an hour and see how many times they could write it.

Next task I set because they hadn't had much sleep and so I set to them that while I was sleeping they were to send me an email each hour on the hour for the next 12 hours and say a little statement.

I wanted to wake up to see they had completed this for me and to also have a laugh at the emails 😉


Reason behind setting such menial tasks?  While some may see it as repetitive and boring, it actually allows less direct concentration to the point where you can be in a thoughtless state of mind, leaving the rest of the brain to focus on the only thing that matters.  Me.  Your Goddess.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Wrapped Up

Ever had one of those weeks when there was like an uncanny event that kept happening?  I don't know maybe for you it was when your Goddess kept saying no to your desperate pleas of wanting to cum and she kept you in denial, or when no matter what you viewed on your internet it all related to femdom porn or maybe it was just how you were wearing panties for the whole week.

Regardless, this happened to me just this week where I thought it would be fun for a sub to be totally wrapped up in clear film wrap or cling wrap, you know that clear material that gets awfully tight when you wrap it around and around and around with several layers....

Restricting you a little bit more and making you feel like a trapped, helpless little worm, only able to wriggle around.....

Well then lo and behold, another chance meeting with another submissive and you will never guess what their fetish was, go on guess!  They loved the idea of being totally restricted and helpless and trapped in cling wrap, against their skin, then further applying more restrictive material like their wet suit and to feel the weight on their shoulders with some chains applied, so of course they too got all wrapped up! 😊 

Want to be wrap around my little finger?  Come see me in SecondLife @ .~temptation~.

Some Bondage Education: Watch and learn
Sing along with Olly Murs: Wrapped Up